CSI and NCIS Hidden Crimes

I started working with Ubisoft Abu Dhabi on February 2015. Ubisoft Abu Dhabi is a mobile studio who opened up in October 2011 and has now grown to 60+ employees from 25+ nationalities. This allowed me to be able to communicate with people from many different cultures. The studio has released CSI: Hidden Crimes and NCIS: Hidden Crimes on mobile devices and WEB and is being live operated.

I work with the live operation team as a live game designer. Since the studio is a start up, I was the only designer in the operation team which allowed me to carry a lot of responsibility and learn a lot about operating a game live. My responsibilities are:

  • Design game features for upcoming updates on both projects
  • Create and update concise design documentations to present to artists and programmers
  • Work closely with data analysts, game economy designer and community manager to tweak and balance existing and upcoming game features
  • Operate both live games by setting up in-game events, AB tests and other features using the tools provided by the programming team
  • Established myself as the go-to person for all CSI: Hidden Crimes features