Pit Manager

Pit Manager is a small prototype of an economy driven game done in under a week. My responsibilities in this project were the game design and programming.

Game Description:

The player plays as the manager of a racing team, where he/she manages the resources used by the car, and the resources gathered at his pit stop. By managing these resources correctly the player can adjust the driving technique used by his racing car making it go faster or slower. The more driving technique the player uses the faster the car goes and the more resources it burns. Resources are gathered at the player’s pit stop by placing one or more workers on a certain station.


The objective of the prototype is time attack where the player has to finish the race as fast as possible by optimizing his driving technique and resource management.

Before prototyping the game, I created a simulation on an excel sheet to give me a better understanding of how the game works.


Through play testing the prototype proved to be really fun competitively but the UI was a bit of a mess. So before you guys can give it a try here is a quick screenshot of the game explaining what each element is.


  1. This shows how much resources you have in your car, and how much resources you have gathered in your pit. They are separated by a line, your car is at the top and pit is at the bottom.
  2. This shows your current driving technique and the resources needed shown for each.
  3. This is one of the five stations available where the workers produce the resources.
  4. This is a selected worker that is shown by having a red arrow point at him.
  5. This is the race track. The car is indicated by the blue dot. While the pit stops are the pink square.
  6. These are your current lap, last lap and total race times.
  7. This shows at what lap you are at.


The entire game is controlled by the mouse. You can drag the sliders to increase your driving technique. To move workers you need to click on one and click the destination of which resource you want the worker to produce. Whenever you need to refill the car’s resources click on the “CALL PITSTOP” button.